Executive Search

Direct contact with jobseekers for all manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors

Runtime SK lets you find through targeted direct contact the right candidates for your top, middle and lower level management positions. The potential aspirants Runtime contacts 90-100% of the time match the client’s conception of the position to be occupied just because they work in the same or similar positions in another company.

Runtime has been providing this service to our customers for years and so we have a broad database of potential candidates. We have also started collaborating with new jobseekers using our DREAM CAREER service to give us even better opportunities to find you the ideal candidate.

Top Management

This is often seen as the highest ranks (so-called “strategic level”) of a company’s management. It is composed of the owners, chief executive officer (CEO) and C-suite managers such as the chief financial officer, chief operating officer and production manager. Their role is to create long-term strategic plans, manage the organisation and decide on the important, key issues in running the company’s business.

Middle Management

Mid-level management is considered to be where the “tactical” managers are found. They differ from top management as their role is more to develop and deploy tactics, such as planning, managing and decision-making over the medium to long term. In smaller companies, top management often performs this function and mid-level management is avoided.

Junior Management

Operative-level management is often referred to as “lower management” and is the most numerous management level in an organisation. These include team leaders, project managers, brand managers and specialists. They plan and make short-run decisions and have lesser responsibilities.

Did you know that executive search is often called direct search, headhunting, or directly approaching candidates?

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