Seize the opportunity for your company to grow and whether you wish to expand either in Slovakia or other foreign markets

The foundation is good knowledge of local conditions gained from legislation and the economic environment, through contacts with contractors and developers, and knowledge of the workplace culture affecting the way employees are managed. Runtime has many years of experience in this area, having helped in the building up of logistics centres near Senec and ensuring market entry into Slovakia for Kia and VW, among other things.

In Slovakia

If you are planning to expand your business in Slovakia, Runtime is ready to cooperate with you on human resources issues. We can assist you in the processing of your staffing needs, getting your business started and up to speed, recruiting employees and in securing you plants, warehouses and other necessary facilities.


Runtime specialises in human resource services in Serbia and Ukraine for companies expanding abroad. Runtime is a member of the Slovakian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and through it we cooperate with the Vojvodina Development Agency (a Serbian government organisation for investment), relevant ministries, embassies and especially professionals working in economics, tax, accounting, audit and human resources. We provide full services that include recruitment of staff and searches for plants, warehouses and overall corporate facilities.

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