Human Resource Management

Secondments and temporary employment, external human resources department services, personnel auditing and psychological evaluations

Runtime is returning to its original idea of human resources “working with the entire person”. At the same time, we are aware of the amount of administration work required to employ people from recruitment and hiring to retirement. Whether selecting new candidates, defining terms in an employment contract, managing staff, job placement and changes, workflows, incentive benefits or social care, you can turn to us at Runtime for the answers to all your human resources questions.

Secondments and temporary employment

This Runtime service has the advantage of providing you with the assistance you need to find and employ large numbers of jobseekers at the same time, reducing your administrative burdens, payroll costs and time spent on employee searches and selection procedures. Temporary employment is an effective and flexible tool for addressing human resource issues, freeing your staff from constantly having to search for new hires. Employees working at our agency are equally valued as direct employees for a client, and if the client is satisfied with a temporary employee, true in a majority of cases, the employee will be hired for a permanent position by the client.

External human resources department and payroll processing services

Runtime provides comprehensive human resources services to clients either with no human resources department of their own or planning to employ at least ten people, where the idea in essence is to outsource human resources and/or replace their own personnel departments. This service includes defining with clients their requirements for existing or new staff, searching for suitable people to meet these requirements, putting together a selection procedure, drafting and signing employment contracts, registering new hires at all applicable agencies, preparing employee attendance and payroll reports, workflows, job descriptions, training and all social care until retirement.

Personnel audit

– analysing the current situation and searching for the causes of dissatisfaction
Runtime handles the analysis of processes, in collaboration with our human resources consultancy clients, in areas such as remuneration, recruitment, adapting to a new position or workplace, contact with colleagues and co-workers, internal company communications, professional or personal growth training, personnel audits and coaching.
We work in personal audit and coaching services with the leading experts in these fields.

Psychological evaluations

Do you need an in-depth assessment of jobseekers and candidates to reveal their overall character, to learn more about their personality and to define their strengths and weaknesses? An interview and a specially developed test enable Runtime to determine the level of intellectual abilities, mental functions, emotional level and personality of candidates, their ability to handle stress and conflicts, and also any other character traits. Psychological evaluations used to select employees fall under the category of occupational psychology.

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