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We put our own stamp on a business.

„Here at Runtime, we value relationships. So if, besides the fundamental requirement of quality, you are looking from a human resources outsourcing company for added value generated from valuable experience, honesty and diligence, then the common goal between you and us is to establish a lasting business relationship for the resolution of all your staffing issues.“

Ing. Beata Markovičová
CEO, HR Consultant, Partner

A company with 50 years of experience and know-how in human resources
Currently more than 50 offices in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia, as well as in the Czech Republic

Our medium-sized human resources outsourcing company has been operating in Slovakia since 2005.
Care is given equally to every client, whether they have a large number of employees or only a small staff.

We understand the different needs of large, medium-sized and small enterprises, offering SMEs our own experience in this area from managing a medium-sized company and from our awareness of the difference between corporate work and a job in a family business.

Our advantage is a short decision-making process because of our flat staffing structure.
Runtime Slovensko is certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

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Individual treatment

Whether you are a large company, family business or a jobseeker, Runtime’s services are always highly individualised and tailored to meet your needs.

Mutual respect

We respect jobseekers and their ideas of what they want, as well as our clients and their corporate cultures.

Reliable and dependable

Runtime is a solid, stable partner with many years of experience not just in human resources.


We’ll get you moving in the right direction, with our extensive database of job candidates and professional network of contacts.

Market knowledge

We’re constantly educating ourselves and analysing the business environment, with in-depth knowledge of the labour market.

Active guidance

As your partner, we are ready to provide you with active guidance at the very highest level.

50 years of experience

Runtime is one of Germany’s leading providers of human resource services.

Broad range

Runtime offers a wide variety of jobs ranging from top management to low-level positions.

Our Dream Team

Runtime is a medium-sized human resources outsourcing company that can think big because it has the years of experience, because we enjoy the work and it inspires us, and everything we do is with joy and comes from the heart.

Beata Markovičová
Beata Markovičová

I co-founded Runtime in Slovakia and have had many years of experience establishing foreign-run companies both inside and outside Slovakia.

Tatiana Murgašová
Tatiana Murgašová
Senior Recruiter, Direct search

I have worked as a senior recruiter mainly for Germany and the Netherlands, and also for administrative and manufacturing positions in Slovakia.

Katarína Meszárošová
Katarína Meszárošová
Senior recruiter

I am in charge of temporary employment and mediation in manufacturing, logistics and administration, and also for health professional positions in Switzerland.

Simona Romancová
Simona Romancová
Recruiter, Administrative support

My role is to mediate human resources in Germany and Switzerland and to fill manufacturing and logistics positions in Slovakia.

Petra Králiková
Petra Králiková
Recruiter, Administrative support

I’m in charge of the back office and communicating with clients about their requirements from a candidate.

Katarína Glocknerová
Katarína Glocknerová
Direct search, Executive search

My job description includes searching for staff to fill management and specialised IT positions by directly contacting prospective candidates.

Marek Markovič
Marek Markovič
Country Manger - Serbia

I am responsible for networking, building up the branch office and recruiting employees in Serbia.

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