Dream Career

Start managing your ideal career.

Start managing your ideal career.

Runtime’s DREAM CAREER service is a new way of helping you in your job search and to improve your professional profile:

  • Your needs, overall life preferences and attitude toward employment are determined through a formalised process.
  • Then we consider options for linking them to the right job so that both your expectations and those of the human

resources department and your new manager are met. All of this leads to your DREAM CAREER.
Concurrently, we offer you long-term cooperation and advice on how to improve your professional profile.
To get started on the fast track, try our free CV Checker service.

Runtime is returning to its original idea of human resources “working with the entire person. As a human resources outsourcing company, is it crucial to have an understanding of both sides of the labour relationship and to find consistency between them.

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Step forward with us to your dream career

Step forward with us to your dream career

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