Skilled Professions

Work available abroad for nurses, doctors and skilled professionals

Work in Germany and Switzerland (nurses, doctors and skilled professions)

Runtime will find appropriate, adequate jobs for nurses and doctors looking for more suitable working conditions, opportunity for growth and valuable work experience in Switzerland. When a job is found, we will handle all administrative details and arrange for transportation and accommodation. In addition, Runtime will have a contact person available to provide you with assistance during your entire stay.
Skilled employees travelling to work in Germany and Switzerland will have all necessary documents, formalities and processes secured by Runtime. Likewise, we handle accommodation, transportation and any other possible needs.


Industrial automation is a major topic today, where humans are being replaced by machines and robots. It’s no longer vital to look for production operators, but instead for the people able to operate or program machines and industrial robots. Runtime offers personalised collaboration with individuals who have the competence to operate, manage and program them. Where appropriate, up-skilling, re-skilling, training and obviously appropriate jobs based on skills and needs can all be provided by us.

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