Human Resource Programmes

Programmes to enhance your human resources capital.

The labour market is changing. By 2020, one third of the world’s working population will be composed of millennials. Do you know that half of millennials would contemplate leaving their current jobs if they weren’t receiving enough recognition? Today, they see jobs as just a self-improvement step rather than a final destination. Job security has been redefined to become career security. It’s the path you’re blazing that matters, not the job itself. If you want to maintain your human capital, you need to enhance it.

Talent programme

This is a programme designed for employees with one to three years of experience. The content has been prepared in collaboration between clients and personal development specialists. We engage in all soft and hard skills, with the focus on defining and support participants’ unique talents.

Internal motivation programme

It’s important to keep your employees motivated. That’s why we are able to work together with you to create an ideal programme that truly reflects the preferences and willingness of your employees, integrating them with their personal goals and helping you with in-house motivation.
In this way, Runtime becomes an imaginary bridge to help you get closer to your employees.

Leadership pipeline – internal career management programme

Our programme will help you obtain an understanding of your employees’ level of skill in management, leadership and communication, while also learning about their own personal career aspirations. Once you have successfully set up the pipeline, and hence the leadership line, you will easier manage the advancement or transfer of your staff between positions. Your employees will know the career opportunities the company sees for them and can actively prepare for new positions.

Exploring and programming an improved corporate climate

Even long-time successful companies encounter periods of tension. Sometimes small changes are enough. If you feel the need to explore or even improve the corporate climate in your company, this service is the solution for you.

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