Human Resource Services

We build bridges between employees and employers.

Runtime’s role is to create an imaginary bridge between employees and their employers, providing both with value, services and equal access. Besides our new well-being approach and Dream Career services, we feel the need to supplement our portfolio with other options to help you advance in your career, so we are offering the following services:

Management profile

Runtime develops your management profile in collaboration with our own psychologist and personal development expert. The profile helps you work with your strengths and weaknesses, making you aware of your potential and talents. You can use it to actively manage your career and for future employers when you are applying for a job.

Psychological evaluation

Working with our own psychologist, Runtime can produce a psychological evaluation to help you learn more about yourself. It can redirect you to new decisions, not just in your job, but also in improving the quality of your life.

Business coaching

Runtime works with a coach who combines business and somatic coaching. This method develops the whole person, not just the mind but also the body and expression. This effective cooperation leads to a better and deeper understanding of your own potential, maximising the transformation that takes place during coaching and thus strengthening the entire person. Those coached learn to recognise and develop their potential.

Our other services

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