Recruiting staff for all manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

Runtime SK also handles strategic recruitment, a formalised, holistic approach to recruiting more employees for all positions, including simple ones. Depending on your needs, we will prepare a campaign that covers all the positions you need to fill and communicates your values as an employer.
With employers facing a challenging market and a labour shortage, it is vital to learn what primarily motivates potential employees and to match them with future employers. Runtime has had many years of experience in such an environment and several companies in Slovakia have been able to start themselves up and pick up speed with us.

Furthermore, this service includes Runtime defining with its clients their requirements for existing or new staff, searching for suitable people that meet these requirements, putting together a selection procedure, drafting and signing employment contracts, registering new hires at all applicable agencies, preparing employee attendance and payroll reports, workflows, job descriptions, training and all social care until retirement.

Administrative and office positions

Human resource departments classify employees working in offices – so-called “office workers” under this category. They are positions outside of manufacturing and the method of recruiting people to fill them is used by lower-level management when they are searching for jobseekers to fill positions such as administrators, specialists, analysts, accountants and financial officers.

Labourers and manual professions

These are positions often sought and, as an example, they comprise warehouse staff, machine operators, drivers and builders in logistics, construction and manufacturing. These professions are now experiencing labour shortages and the economic boom is causing demand in these jobs to be significantly greater than the supply of people available in Slovakia to fill them. For this reason, employers are turning to foreign workers to fill these positions.
This foreign labour force is secured from countries like Serbia and Ukraine.
Due to the lack of skilled people in Slovakia and growing manufacturing in the country, especially in the automotive sector, jobs need to be filled today particularly by a foreign labour force. Here Runtime handles the entire process of getting them the necessary temporary residence permits to allow them to work in Slovakia and we can also secure contracted foreign workers for seasonal jobs covering a large number of engagements

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