Training and Coaching

Talent is only half of success; we can help you hone your skills to reach the greatest heights.

We work with Tibor Kocsis, who has moved from management to the role of an instructor, coach and advisor, having embarked on his own life mission. His education programmes are based on the concept of unique soft and hard skills fusion. Soft skills are enhanced and hard skills are trained, leading to an awareness of one’s own unique talent. His programmes pay the utmost attention to people learning about their own discourse, intensity and authentic self-expression, while encouraging people to talk and express their thoughts, intentions and strength.

To enhance your professional profile:

  • 3-D negotiation
  • X-factor in selling
  • Dynamic leadership
  • Charismatic presentation and rhetorical competence
  • Targeted team management
  • Discovering ESPRIT in your communication
  • Coaching
  • Somatic coaching

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